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DarkShadow777's News

Posted by DarkShadow777 - 2 days ago

Hello again!

So, I have contacted all the people that is interested in a Quartz commission, and I confirmed all the slots so far. Thank you SO MUCH for your support and interest, you have no idea how much I appreciate you, guys!

The list is not set as follows:

1.- Cityhunter77 (DA) [Full Color Illustration]

2.- Lakanookie (FA) [Full Color Illustration + 2 Variants]

3.- RazVonCoon (FA / Discord) [Full Color Illustration + 1 variant]

4.- Anthonylix09 (FA) [Reference Sheet]

5.- Deetum-Ei (FA) [Reference Sheet]

6.- Anon (Discord) [To be discussed]

7.- wiggles234 (Discord / FA) [Flat Color Manga Page]

8.- Slimshod (Mastodon/Discord) [Full Color Illustration]

Plus a special slot that, given it's nature, will be done separately:

SP.- OutcastPaladin (FA) [Sketch Commission]



The majority of the people I'm listing here has a discord, but, in case you don't, I have links in my different networks to join my server, so we can discuss about commission, or anything else, if that's your wish! Join, it's freeeeeeeee :V. I will try to be active and troll everyone... err, I mean, interact! :V

As I have stated in past journals, I will be taking a goooooood break from doing paged manga commissions (that is, more than one page), and probably resuming them next year.

Also, as the title says, I'm closed to more Quartz commission inquiries, and I won't be setting in a queue more people. I do this to not burry into commissions and later not be able to deliver. I make sure my schedules are fair so everyone that requests a commission are sure they will get their work done, in a fair amount of time, and the most important, it actually will be done.

I'll try and resume my projects, such as Livantia, Chapter 5 is up now, in my blog, HF and FA exclusively. If you got any comments on it, please let me know! I will be back from my break on June 30th.

And finally, I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all of you, my friends, fans and commissioners, you are all awesome, and without you, I wouldn't have any sense for going on. Thank you so much!




Posted by DarkShadow777 - 9 days ago

Hello All!

So, here I am again, to let you know I officially started my two week commission break, but worry not, I will still be posting more stuffs, but now I will take some time to recover a bit of calm and center my mind.

This means that, starting from today, this break will be end on Jun 30th. Also I would like to note that FridaySketch Streams are unaffected by this, and they always have been a great distraction for me, so, worry not, if you have a lost reserved for any of this June's Fridays, as I will be working your commission as always. ^^

I also would like to take the time to tell some news, of what will be happening during and after this break.


  • During this first break week, I will be contacting everyone that is on the second waiting list of what I will start calling from now on "Quartz Commissions", for this year, I think I mentioned this before but, since it happened once or twice, I will wait for a confirmation from you that you still are interested in a commission. If within 48 hours I don't get any answer, I take it that you are no longer interested, and I clear your name from the list. This to get things organized and done in less time.
  • Talking about speed, I'm moving some people and slots to a more convenient fashion, so I can work them with more dedication and time, due to my schedules. In all this time, I've been training myself hard to be faster in this matters, but truth is, there is a limit, in where I loose details if I just go crazy about speed, so, seems I'm currently on my peak for that particular, but not meaning there wouldn't be a way for me to speed up my processes later... there is always a way XD. Nontheless, I give you a huge THANK YOU for your patience and encouragement, people, I love you all.
  • Finally, I will keep one "variable" slot for commissions (Wednesdays), in where I will be having a cool down system for everyone that commissions me there, so I am able to service more people that have asked for a commission. The cool down system is easy, you only have one commission allowed and its variants (if you request variations to it, that is), as soon as it's finished, I will move into the next one on the list, and so on, I won't be taking successive commissions from the same person, unless some of the reserved Quartz slots are freed up or the list is emptied and I have a reasonable time to take on it.
  • During this break, I will try to catch up with stuff I delayed, like my story, Livantia or the manga work I've secretly been doing. For this last, things will change I assume, since Patreon personally frightens me with their "Big Brother" politics, I can't be safe they won't just terminate my page and take a way that money just because they don't like my shit. I'm not political really, nor I intend to be, but I can't be sure they won't also shit on me because they don't like some of my content. Probably I will just work and release pages of that manga, in a timely fashion, without anything else in the middle, it was gonna be public anyways, but now it won't have to wait for release, at least not as soon as I have at least a full manga finished and ready to be released.
  • You may have noticed FurAffinity now released that Shinies system for donations, probably that is just one of my options and targets to replace my former plans with Patreon, I'll just see how that evolves with artists and people in there, and, if it's safe, I could probably take donations there for the manga and maybe even Livantia (which in the end, also is part of my manga project, I'm just releasing the story before)
  • Talking about timings for Livantia, given there will be always complications in life, I will delay the release to every month, instead of every two weeks, so I can have more than enough time to actually be able to format things in my head and the -digital- paper. If I am able to post earlier like I used to do, I will try to do so. Thank you so much for your support and help, specially thanks to WolfiebyNature, who has been helping me with this story all along.

So, this is pretty much it. And as Lery says:


Cheers my people! Thank you so much for your support!



Posted by DarkShadow777 - 1 month ago

Good news! I managed to finish a long project I had since April, so that means I'm going forward in my commission schedules! So now there is an update!

I'm closer to now stablish the second batch of commissions I have ahead. The names are already noted and will update my Trello as soon as I finish what I still have. That means of course I'm not receiving any more applications for commissions, as I'm full once again. I will let you know my dear people whenever I'm open again, so you can request a commission!

As always, thank you so much for your support! Your commissions mean a lot to me, really, thank you! <3

Current Commission Slots:

For more information for other types of commissions, such specially handled or Fridaysketch Commissions, please refer to my Trello board!


  • Due to some job issues, I was forced to move schedules for FridaySketch Streams, to see how slots look currently, please check here.
  • Once again, I'm closed for more commission requests, as the second batch I was mangling is already full. Thank you so much for commissioning me! If I open new slots, I will let you know!
  • You may notice I got some reserved slots, this due to being long term projects I'm developing with my clients, if one of those slots open, I will be sure to assign them to the next in the list so we can work on commission details! For this same reason, progress cards for this projects were removed, because I don't have an exact time I can predict these would be completed.
  • I will not be accepting Comic/Manga commissions at least for a good while, and for this, I'm meaning projects taht are 3 or 5 pages long, I'm taking a break fromt this type of commissions.
  • I know I haven't published ANYTHING related to Livantia. Things have been difficult, but I hope to have a little time this week to complete chapter 5 and publish it. Sorry about this.
  • Same as applies to some personal ilustrations I have pending.

As always, thank you so much for your patience!


Cheers!! ^^


Posted by DarkShadow777 - April 8th, 2019

Just a heads up on my commission schedule. I know I have some people asking for commissions, but, as you know, I'm currently closed until I serve the people I have in queue. I'm moving forwards, but it will take me some time. I beg you for your patience! Thank you!!

Current Slots:

  • Mondays: SlimShod (5 Page Greyscale Manga)
  • Tuesdays: Nerzha (Full Color Digital Commission + 2 variants)
  • Wednesdays: SherriMayim: (Full Color Manga Page)
  • Sundays: BLADEDGE: (Flat Color Commission)

For the rest of the info about my schedules and people next to be served, my Trello is public and available for you to see.


  • I've recently covered, once again, slots for April's Friday stream, thank you SO MUCH for your support, I love you all, really. You have no idea how much I appreciate your support. Not only in commissions, but on likes, reblogs/retweets and your very kind comments. Thank you people. I love you!
  • In this last, I will start to take reservations for May's slots from the next week onwards, so, if you have been seeking for a FridaySketch on my streams, this is your chance! Drop me a PM/Note/DM in any of my places and let me know.
  • I'm still working commissions, as you know, some will take me some time because they are relatively big projects, like the 5 manga page I'm doing, again, I am very thankful for your patience, once you are next in list, I will let you know so we start working your commission.
  • Recently, there have been some new alternatives from the extinct Tumblr, so I made a pair of new accounts in where I will be posting my stuf there too, if you are susbcribed or want another place to find me, those are my Pillowfort and my NewTumbl. They are still ironing stuff, but worths giving them a try.
  • I updated my profiles to add my new networks, and also to remove any Tumblr reference, so, I should be clean and updated currently! XD
  • I recently posted a new YCH, featuring Leilani, Kalea and Malana in a sexy volleyball match, if you enjoy sexy topless ladies jumping around, you can bid! Check the submission here!.
  • I as well, started to post some literature, I'm not exactly Shakespiere, but I'm trying my best there. Currently I have up to episoide two of my story "Livantia" posted in my blog, FA and HF, if you wanna read them, go give them a check in any of these links:




And I think this is all for now. Again, thank you so much for your support, and patience!!



Posted by DarkShadow777 - March 25th, 2019

I'm updating my schedule quickly to get back on business!


Current Slots:

  • Monday: Slimshod (5 page shaded manga commission)
  • Tuesday: Nerzha (Full Color Digital Commission)
  • Wednesday: Servantesnc (Full Color Commission)
  • Sunday: BLADEDGE


This is my Trello for full information about slots.




  • I'm back from my forced hiatus, not good stuff hapened, so I'm glad to be back! XD
  • I will be catching up with some pendings, and trying obviously to be up to date with my peeps!
  • I will also start posting commissions tomorrow, so, stay tuned!
  • I'm still depleting my waiting queue... so just in case, I'm still closed to take more commissions until everyone is served and happy.
  • Due to this past delay on me, I will be posting the second chapter of Livantia from this week, up to the next.





Posted by DarkShadow777 - March 19th, 2019

Hey there! Updating my latest commission schedules here!

Current slots:

  • Monday: Slimshod (5 Page Shaded Manga Commission - To be started on March 25th)
  • Tuesday: Nerzha (Full Color Commission)
  • Wednesday: Servantesnc (Full Color Commission)
  • Sunday: BLADEDGE (Flat Color Commission - Delayed until March 31st)

For my complete commission handling information, head to my Trello, in where you will find how are the remaining waiting slots going, as well as general progress in commission work.


  • As some of you may know, I'm working on a manga project, well, aside of this, I will try to now write some stories related to to teh manga, specifically, I will focus in Ilyse and her misadventures. This of course will be translated into vignette format, but this at least gives me time to get you inside the story, This will be posted in my blog, Hentai-Foundry and Furaffinity and I will try to post at least every two weeks.
  • This week, on Friday, I won't be streaming, as I announced earlier, I need to do some personal stuff, very urgent so, I will take this whole weekend. This also means my commission for Sunday will be delayed until the next one.
  • Again, I give you BIG thanks for your support! I know some have been asking for commissions, but I swear as soon as I deplete my waiting queue, I will will be open again to take a batch of commission requests. Hope you understand this. I make it to give you a better service. You deserve to be delivered as soon as possible, not months and months later.



Posted by DarkShadow777 - March 11th, 2019

Updating again my commission schedule with the following data:

  • Monday: Clause_Andy_Fect (Flat Color Commission)
  • Tuesday: Nerzha (Full Color Commission + 5 variants)
  • Wednesday: To define this slot, meanwhile I might take a waiting sketch commission
  • Sunday: BLADEDGE (Flat Color Commission)

Check out all the data regarding my commission slots here:




  • To my discord members, seems the Now Live Bot has been down for a good while, this is to the fact that the old coding of the bot was not able to handle so much servers, so the developers are now updating it, so down times are more unlikely. This will take time, so meanwhile, I am really thankful for your patience.
  • I'm slowly making some little visual changes to my stream scenes... is not important, but yeah. Some might now see Zoe every now and then when I do a BRB thing, so... more curves for you ^^
  • Commissions are closed, until I can empty that waiting list, I'm not accepting anymore inquiries, unless they are very simple (sketches, and easy to do), so I can keep up with the schedule.



Posted by DarkShadow777 - March 4th, 2019

Oh yeh! I'm updating my schedule for this days, and here it goes:

Current Slots:

  • Monday: Kodiak_Might / Snippet_Kobold (Inked / Full Color)
  • Tuesday: Nerzha (Ref Sheet)
  • Wednesday: Anon (To be defined)
  • Sunday: BLADEDGE (Flat Color)

The waiting queue is also updated, check my Trello for more info about it.


  • I'm having a tight week this time, so I will try to work on some projects I have waiting, also, I have been working on my upcoming manga project, which I hope you all will like, it has been somewhat difficult to keep a steady pace to do the first issue, but I'm on it, once I have at least a decent progress, I will setup other things, like Patreon, to make it happen.
  • Talking about time, I will do my best to deliver on time, as I got some scheduling timings I get to sort out, also, for posting commissions, I will be doing it this week, I'm sorry for the delay about the Friday ones, but I really couldn't post in time XD.



Posted by DarkShadow777 - February 20th, 2019

You people, my friends, commissioners, fellow artists, everyone I know, you, you are awesome, I woudn't be who I am today if it wasn't because of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the love and support I always get from all of you. Thank you, Thank you SO MUCH!

I love you all! <3


Posted by DarkShadow777 - February 16th, 2019

For this batch, I have the following people:

  • Monday: lakanookie
  • Tuesday: Nerzha
  • Wednesday: Anon
  • Sunday: BLADEDGE

I also have a waiting queue for people that will come next after this commissions are completed. Check that out in my Trello: https://trello.com/b/jz6qvL7L/



  • One commissioner was put on hold due to some extraordinaire reasons, that means I'm moving on with the next one as seen in this list.
  • If you see yourself in this list, please contact me within the next days to discuss your commission details, or let me know if you won't be able to work with me, so I can give people opportunity to get a commission, many have waited for months for one. Thank you!
  • Within this days, I will be updating the list for Fridaysketch stream commissions. One week will be blank because I will be out for a special thing I have to take care of.