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Posted by DarkShadow777 - 10 days ago


Hello there! This is my commission information, so you can see what options you can choose from to get some art from me. Take a little read, make your choice and I will be more than glad to work for you! ^_^

Remember to read my Terms of Service, before commissioning me.

How does this work?
I will be having 4 slots for commissions, one for each day of the week, which will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. I will be always updating my progress, as well as telling you whenever a slot is free in my Trello, which can be seen here

Besides, I will be keeping you updated personally, in whichever place you contacted me, either Notes / Private Messaging systems on any of my galleries, email, Discord or even Twitter / Tumblr.

I’m in!, how do I get a commission?
More easy than ever!, you just need to fill up a form with your commission inquiry, by clicking this link.

Thank you very much!

Posted by DarkShadow777 - 2 weeks ago

Hello people!!

First of all, I wish for all that your Holidays and New Year were super nice, full of fun, those you love and all the good vibes!

The new year is here now, 2019, finally! I really hope for this year to be smooth and peaceful, that would be SOOOO good! XD. Well, one can dream. Now, into the news stuff! Long stuff, but please read!


  • Many of you have been wondering when I will be back on working commissions, either offline commissions and stream ones, well, there are good news for you! I will be back on business on middle January, mores specifically I will start working from January 21st for offline commissions. If you are a commissioner, and you have any doubt regarding my Trello list (which can be seen here: https://trello.com/b/jz6qvL7L/), please let me know.
  • For Stream Commissions, I will start a bit earlier on January 18th, this to accommodate you, that asked me already for a slot in a more suitable way for both parts. For this rare occasion, the Trello list will include this two weeks and a complete schedule for February, again, in case of doubt, please let me know.
  • If you haven't noticed yet, I changed my banner for all the sites that support it (Weasyl, DA, FN, Blogger, Tumblr...) for a new one for 2019 and probably onwards, I will post the full image in my galleries later, so you can see it in a bigger resolution ^^. New Banner, new vibes!
  • I updated my Commission Chart for this year, for now no prices are changed or increased, but that probably could happen on June, depending how the economy in general continues... you know, inflation and all that stuff. This past 2018 has been kinda tough in that regard, but let's hope things go good this year... Anyway, I removed some things that people never asked for (like avatars for example) and added some extra conditions and fees that were missing (some fees increased too, that's the only thing that suffer an increase by now). This applies for the FridaySketch Stream commission chart, setting some conditions for commissions, for example, limits for panels.
  • For HF, I will repost my commission chart, since the thumbnail is not updating by itself XD.
  • For other sites missing this chart, I will post it within this days.
  • Soon, I will post a journal updating the FridaySketch Slots for January - February, so you know what happened there.
  • Some stuff will wait a bit until I work on them again, like "The Shallows" manga strip I have been doing, this to catch up with people waiting for their commission to be worked on, I will be back on working it, as well as making some more interesting YCH's for it on February.
  • As many of you have noticed, I completely wiped my Tumblr and started fresh, I will try to make it my SFW portfolio in case somebody cares about that boring stuff XD. I lost some amazing followed artists that I will try to follow back the following days and months.
  • In case you wonder, I made a small overhaul on my Pixiv, this due to the staff catching up with some uncensored stuff I posted unwillingly (some misinformation I got XD), from now on, to comply with Pixiv's rules, everything NSFW, that shows genitals, or makes them interact (sex) will be censored, either with black bars or pixelization. BUT, you will be able to see my uncensored art on my other sites (or from links, if I find a way to do it for Pixiv)

And... it's pretty much it! I hope I can have it more relaxed this year (mainly and solely with my daytime job), so I can work on commissions with fresh eyes and meet my deadlines without stressing that much XD.

Thank you for reading! And Very Happy 2019!! <3


Posted by DarkShadow777 - 2 weeks ago

From the bottom of my heart, may this next 2019 be full of peace, joy and good vibes! I'll be short on this one because I will be posting a new journal soon to let people know plans and schedules for this year to come.

Happy New Year Everyone! <3


Posted by DarkShadow777 - 1 month ago

Yep, I'm back from my beach vacation, and was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Ohhh shit, I really needed that!
So now, I will be trying to fix my tumblr mess (if they ever let me) or plain just make a new one and follow the people I was following again.

So, note for my tumblr followers, there is a high chance I might be removing my current blog, and makinga  new one, completely SFW so Tumblr doesn't have to cry about dirty boobs with nipples in their dashboard :V

Meh... poor fucks haha, they are officially worse than DeviantArt.

Whatever, I'm back! <3


Posted by DarkShadow777 - November 19th, 2018

Well... after all the Tumblr Apocalypse, I found it cool to open a Newgrounds account to post my stuff. I hope you all enjoy. Slowly but steady, I will start to fill up this gallery.


Stay cool, peeps! :D