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Two Week Commission Break!

Posted by DarkShadow777 - June 17th, 2019

Hello All!

So, here I am again, to let you know I officially started my two week commission break, but worry not, I will still be posting more stuffs, but now I will take some time to recover a bit of calm and center my mind.

This means that, starting from today, this break will be end on Jun 30th. Also I would like to note that FridaySketch Streams are unaffected by this, and they always have been a great distraction for me, so, worry not, if you have a lost reserved for any of this June's Fridays, as I will be working your commission as always. ^^

I also would like to take the time to tell some news, of what will be happening during and after this break.


  • During this first break week, I will be contacting everyone that is on the second waiting list of what I will start calling from now on "Quartz Commissions", for this year, I think I mentioned this before but, since it happened once or twice, I will wait for a confirmation from you that you still are interested in a commission. If within 48 hours I don't get any answer, I take it that you are no longer interested, and I clear your name from the list. This to get things organized and done in less time.
  • Talking about speed, I'm moving some people and slots to a more convenient fashion, so I can work them with more dedication and time, due to my schedules. In all this time, I've been training myself hard to be faster in this matters, but truth is, there is a limit, in where I loose details if I just go crazy about speed, so, seems I'm currently on my peak for that particular, but not meaning there wouldn't be a way for me to speed up my processes later... there is always a way XD. Nontheless, I give you a huge THANK YOU for your patience and encouragement, people, I love you all.
  • Finally, I will keep one "variable" slot for commissions (Wednesdays), in where I will be having a cool down system for everyone that commissions me there, so I am able to service more people that have asked for a commission. The cool down system is easy, you only have one commission allowed and its variants (if you request variations to it, that is), as soon as it's finished, I will move into the next one on the list, and so on, I won't be taking successive commissions from the same person, unless some of the reserved Quartz slots are freed up or the list is emptied and I have a reasonable time to take on it.
  • During this break, I will try to catch up with stuff I delayed, like my story, Livantia or the manga work I've secretly been doing. For this last, things will change I assume, since Patreon personally frightens me with their "Big Brother" politics, I can't be safe they won't just terminate my page and take a way that money just because they don't like my shit. I'm not political really, nor I intend to be, but I can't be sure they won't also shit on me because they don't like some of my content. Probably I will just work and release pages of that manga, in a timely fashion, without anything else in the middle, it was gonna be public anyways, but now it won't have to wait for release, at least not as soon as I have at least a full manga finished and ready to be released.
  • You may have noticed FurAffinity now released that Shinies system for donations, probably that is just one of my options and targets to replace my former plans with Patreon, I'll just see how that evolves with artists and people in there, and, if it's safe, I could probably take donations there for the manga and maybe even Livantia (which in the end, also is part of my manga project, I'm just releasing the story before)
  • Talking about timings for Livantia, given there will be always complications in life, I will delay the release to every month, instead of every two weeks, so I can have more than enough time to actually be able to format things in my head and the -digital- paper. If I am able to post earlier like I used to do, I will try to do so. Thank you so much for your support and help, specially thanks to WolfiebyNature, who has been helping me with this story all along.

So, this is pretty much it. And as Lery says:


Cheers my people! Thank you so much for your support!