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Back to Work: Commission Schedule #1 2020

Posted by DarkShadow777 - 1 month ago

Hello everyone!

As you may know, I was on my yearly commission break, but, this beak is near an end, and that means, I will return to working commissions!

I have no words to express my gratitude to you. You all have been really supportive to me, and I appreciate that a lot, really! Thank you people, I love you all, no matter if you are a friend, commissioner, or you retweet/share/reblog or like my stuff, you being with me is what keeps me up.

So, as usual, I will post the first lists of people I will be serving for both Quartz Commissions and Fridaysketch Commissions.

Quartz Commissions List #1:

  • Slimshod (Mastodon) [Full Color Illustration]
  • Cityhunter77 (DA) [Full Color Illustration]
  • lakanookie (FA / Discord) [Full Color Illustration]
  • Anthonylix09 (FA/Twitter/Discord) [Ref Sheet]
  • GummySharkGuy (DA) [Doujin Page]
  • Wesley (Discord / Weasyl) [To be defined]
  • Cythis (Discord) [Full Color Illustration]
  • RandalDrake (FA) [Full Color Illustration]
  • Cadence / Desirebound (HF) [To be defined]
  • thewolflord (FA) [Full Color Illustration]

Fridaysketch Commissions Lists.


  • Sobana: 7th
  • Samael66: 7th
  • Jedi: 14th
  • ErebusOfDawn: 14th
  • Ashking: 21th
  • CP444: 21th
  • RockinRizon: 28th
  • Blackknife12: 28th


  • Powerblade3: 6th
  • Marbles: 6th
  • Keza: 13th
  • wiggles234: 13th
  • Sobana: 20th
  • CP444: 20th
  • Maxl8: 27th
  • RockinRizon: 27th

I am not taking inquiries anymore, this lists are closed. As soon as I finish with the first list, I will notify via any of my media means, of course, you can check the progress in my Trello board, link here: https://trello.com/b/jz6qvL7L/darkshadows-md-commission-status

In any case, remember these are my very first lists of the year, I am constantly finishing and delivering commission work, so that means I will be having open slots as soon as I'm done with a list.

I will be contacting people this week to guarantee they want their Quartz commission, please be aware, or, if you see this journal and you want to contact me before I do, you are most welcome. Given the way I work on slots, I will contact the very first 3 people on the quartz commission list, and accommodate them in each slot on my Trello, as soon as I finish, I will go on, contacting people and setting them up in their respective new slots. This continues until I finish the Quartz Commission list.

I use this method, to guarantee I deliver your commission in the least time possible, you know me, I hate having people waiting for a commission work, you deserve to be attended with the best quality at a reasonable time.

As for Fridaysketch commissions, the lists are filled in a per-month basis, meaning every month I fill a list of people that wants a commission to be done on stream.


  • I'm resuming my writing, this weeks I reached episoide 11 of Livantia, and I plan on posting episoide 12 this week.
  • I'll tweak some of my plans, meaning there is a high change I drop the Luxurion doujin temporarily (at least until I'm sure trolls are out of sight.) and instead, start working on a Livantia doujin. I'm completing some character designs I will post soon, so you start meeting the characters.
  • This is the last Friday I will be holding 2 free raffles for 2 flat colored pieces, I do this on stream, and the rules are simple: You join the stream, I note you and do a wheel spin, then I do another to choose any of my OC's or waifus, whoever comes out, will be paired with your OC or waifu of choice. Simple huh? If you wanna join, you are welcome!

Seems all for now XD, Thank you for reading this, and thank you SO MUCH for all your support!



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